Me as anyone else, I'm getting older and I've left behind little by little something that I've always liked: the videogames. In my heart I'm still playing something, but I'm not patient anymore to play games on my pc. So I've decided to write a little novel that has roots in the role playing games. Also I like ambiental music and I'm trying to combine the story with the music and I'm uploading by time to time a clip that inspires the story. But this is not all. I'm trying to make the story interactive, just like a game, and I found a simple way to have it working. You can find the rules on the right.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

(II) Expedition plans

I should listen to that old woman that gave me the herbs yesterday. She said that I can’t find these herbs dried, so I have to keep it in a warm place for at least a week before making it tea. As I was frozen and enough tired, last night I’ve ignored her advice. When I reached home the old dog was standing at its usual place, behind a rock near the house. I remember it how it was a few winters ago: when I was approaching home it was just wild, jumping in the snow and running all over the place. I never knew why it’s so happy when it sees me, because I was at home just for sleep. But that always warmed my heart. Now it’s at its end. It walks slowly and heavy. So it was a bad idea to make a tea with those herbs. Was bad because weren’t dried and the effect wasn’t the expected one. Actually I’ve slept quite well, I feel rested and fresh, except that weird dream that worries me now. In my dream I was standing on the floor, where seats the dog usually. It was the evening when I was packing the cigarettes and I was looking at me as through the eyes of the dog. In fact I was feeling just like I was the dog. I felt as natural with a dog body as I am with my own body when I’m awake. I could see the scene of packing the cigarettes as clear as I could remember each movement of the candle’s flare from the table. When I woke up I felt as warm as I had dog fur. In some of my dreams, the things that happens looks like it happen before and I’m just remembering it. But last night it wasn’t like that. This time it really happens. I have one more cigarette left from that night when I was packing cigarettes. Yesterday I wasn’t in the mood for smoking while I was away from home. Is better this way, now I’m so relaxed after a one good sleep in weeks and it fits well with a cigarette. Last night I gave to the dog that bread and instead of water I gave it a cup of tea too. Either I was tired enough to have a deep sleep and I didn’t hear it barking, either it didn’t bark at all. Now because it heard footsteps is just playing around the house. It’s just hungry. The “smith” says that he’s interest in gaining experience in making different objects of metal. He thinks that he can sell it as art objects. That was the result of his expedition after the migration group. He didn’t catch them, but he found a cube made of metal lost by that people, which he thinks that is a religious artifact or an art object. He doesn’t show this cube to anyone being afraid that someone would want to steal it. He was afraid to take it and after he found it, he followed even more that footprints hoping to restore the cube. That shepherd that was passing around here says that are footprints of at least 1000 people, children and adults. They were traveling by foot, since there weren’t trails of any kind of vehicle or animal. It seems that they were hurry because they passed in one night only and they didn’t had a stop for rest or sleep as far the ‘smith’ was. As about my interest in the migration I think that is more smiths’ interest. He likes my dog and wants to use it as a muse for his first art object or whatever is doing. He said that on the cube is represented a dog just like it. Anyway I’m planning an expedition too and I have to complete my equipment before leaving. I’m not an adventurous person, but I dreamed since I was a child to see what is further to north. Rumors about north say that there is a cave where people who pass long distances can camp there. The “smith” didn’t go that far because he was prepared just for a 2-3 days expedition. Personally I think that he is also a little bit cowards to go alone. By the way I should ask him to make me a can for tea for the expedition, since he thinks that he can make objects of metal. Until I will be prepared to leave, the herbs should be dried and hopefully I will not have dreams like last night. The winter is close and maybe I should wait till the spring, but I will lose the track of those people. I want to know why they went hurried, where are they heading and other things. I think I will manage through the night in wild places. Except the usual animals I will probably encounter nature’s force. I’m a survivor although. I will have my dog as a companion. It will be its last trip perhaps, but it will be happy. I didn’t spend too much time when it was young and now it’s a little sad that it didn’t have the occasion then to show me how strong it is or to defend me against who knows what full moon. It will be useful now too. Its sense of smell or hearing will guide us in the wilderness. Today I’ll stay around the house. I have some jobs left to do before the winter. This summer I’ve made a small shelter where I’ll keep some food for the winter. I have a small plantation of mushrooms, but it has to be warm, so that’s my job today. A mushroom grows fast and regenerates very fast. I’m satisfied about this side of me – the surviving capacity. I never panic, even in dangerous situations. I know that if I can stay with a clear vision while others are losing their selves, I’ll surely have an advantage. Probably that’s why people respect me. Sitting in the front of house now, the dog rests after its breakfast. I’m stepping outside with the cigarette in my hand. After the last night’s rain the atmosphere is very static making me to feel in the center of attention. While smoking, I have a clear vision as a mountain stream and this probably is the effect of the tea. This picture, of the dog together with the wet rock from the yard looks different now when I’m not leaving from home. I can see what is doing my old friend all day long. The “smith” said yesterday that he will pay me a visit today if will be in vicinity. He’s searching materials for his so called art. I want to convince him to tell me more about that cube. I think that I could probably get answers from him in no time if I would use the force, but I prefer to be in peace with people around here.



Too bad that people can't have control over their mind while dreaming. I think that people would have tremendous benefits after that. People are just watching a "movie" instead of using their brain to gather informations.